marți, 17 mai 2016

You need the best virtual tour creator to sell your house?

And the best real estate virtual tour creation software that you can use it is at your disposal online, as a software as a service named Tour Wizart - you can access it here:  

They are currently expanding their Virtual Tour and Real Estate Photography Services across the USA and Canada. Anyone can register to enjoy some early surprises that  they have prepared new users, which is great.

Also - their virtual tour application can be accessed and used right away, which is also a huge selling point.

But the mostr interesting aspects of this real estate virtual tour creation software are the following great features:
  • Completly Interactive Full-Screen Virtual Tours
  • It includes Search Engine Optimization 
  • The software is Mobile ready and mobile friendly
  • It is compatible with all browsers
  • You can add Extended Property Information System
  • You can use multiple Photo Galleries
  • Yu can even embed MUSIC
  • Ability to generate QR Codes
  • It integrates Maps, Amenities & Street View
  • You can use Spherical & Cylindrical Panoramas with Hotspots
  • Yu can even program an Open House Schedule
  • Embed Videos & YouTube Linkage
  • Branding fr agents or real estate agencies is also possible

All the features above are as I was saying earlier major selling points, but more important that any of those points ais the fact that the system developed by the team behind Tour Wizard is extremely easy to use by anyone, technical or non-technical person - really anyone is able to create a real estate virtual tour from scratch.

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